Sunday, February 9, 2014

Alligators & more at Sawgrass Lake Park

I really wasn't sure I would see alligators today. After all it was only 68 degrees, hardly warm enough to sun yourself. It was Sunday too, with a lot of visitors to scare off the wildlife. I only had an hour to walk  around. But Sawgrass Lake Park did not disappoint. It truly is the best park to view alligators in Pinellas County.

After crossing the bridge, follow the boardwalk straight ahead and to the left. The first observation area
has places to sit on and is only one story. That is where I usually see the most alligators. I once saw a mother and about 5 babies below the boardwalk before that observation area. However, noi alligators there, today. Instead, I found a turtle, two tricolored herons, an anhinga, and a blue heron.

Blue Heron on opposite shore
Tricolored Heron hunting for fish
Another Tricolored  Heron
Observation area

Turtle on a dead tree branch
The second observation area has a two tiered viewing area. This is where I found the treasure trove of alligators, One was in the grass, and two were in the water. Two were alongside the observation deck and the third was in the mucky water before the deck. There were also several turtles.

Observation deck

Alligator  1

Full length shot  of Sawgrass Alligator

Alligator hidden on a grassy bank. 

Closeup of Sawgrass Lake alligator's bony hide.
Turtle with iridescent cololrs

Another Turtle

I wish I could take credit for these beautiful wildlife pictures, but I merely photographed the display at the small Sawgrass Lake visitor's center. Do not miss these. Animals that do not run away! Great to show the kids.




Florida Panther

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