Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sturgeon Memorial Rose Garden, secluded AARS Garden in Largo

Sturgeon Memorial Rose Garden is located in Serenity Memorial Park. It just north of the intersection of Wilcox and Indian Rocks Road in Largo and north of Walsingham Rd. The entrance is south of the Serenity Funeral Home, but if you miss the Serenity Park entrance you can get to the rose garden from the Moss Feasler Funeral Home.

(Shown above is The entrance sign to the rose garden and the Aromatherapy rose).

Serenity Memorial Park is a beautiful area with palm trees, a pond full of birds, stately mausoleums, a chapel, and large and small gravestones.  There are exclusive estates for large gravestones with their own flowering bushes.

In central Florida roses are at their peak in April-May and November-December. But that doesn't apply to the Sturgeon Memorial Garden, which is planted with ever-blooming AARS Roses. In early February, most of the 480 rose bushes are pruned, but the 45 replacement roses do not need it. Therefore, even February is a good time to visit. 

How can you not enjoy roses with names like: 

Table Mountain

Rise and Shine

Butter Cream
Strike it Rich
Lady Luck
Marmalade Skies
Carefree Spirit

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