Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island                                                                                                                      Map
#1 Causeway Boulevard
Dunedin, Florida 34698

Honeymoon Island was created in 1921 when a hurricane split the island into two parts, Hog Island and Caladesi Island, both of which became a Florida State Park.  It was not called Honeymoon Island until a developer built 50 huts in 1939 and set up a contest for honeymooners to win a stay at one of the bungalows.  The more pristine 600 acre Caladesi Island became a state park in 1968, but the 400 acre Honeymoon Island did not become a  park until 1982.

Taking US 586 towards downtown Dunedin and the Gulf, you cross the causeway by foot or bicycle or car into the park. You can fish or exercise along the raised roadway or enter the park. There is a 4.00 fee per single car occupant, 2-8 passengers are 8.00, and pedestrians are 3.00. There is a road to the left which leads to the Caladesi Ferry which costs 10.00 per person. Turning right off this road is the dog park and pet beach where you can take a 1.4 mile hike along the southern section of the island which borders Hurricane Pass Further on is the parking for the main beaches at the southeastern corner of the island.

If you continue on the main highway the Rotary Centennial Nature Center is on the right and then a loop leads to two trails at its northern most point. The Osprey Trail is .5 - 2.5 miles long depending on whether you take one of the many turnaround paths. There are many nest viewing areas for osprey, great horned owls and an eagle. See mangroves lining St Joseph Sound, then return along the shore of Pelican Cove. The 4.4 mile North Beach Hike takes you through slash pine along the sand spit where you can find the best shelling and birding on the island. At the trial head there is a picnic area and playground.
Great Horned Owl
I have seen an Armadillo every time I take the Osprey Trail,
but they are quick and it is hard to get a photo.
Osprey at the entrance to the Osprey Trail
Ring Billed Gull
Ruddy Turnstone

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