Eagle Lake Park

 Eagle Lake Park                                                                                                       Map
1800 Keene Road
Largo, FL

This 163-acre park, named for the bald eagles that used to nest in the area, opened in 2010. It was once a citrus grove with hundreds of orange, grapefruit and tangerine trees owned by the Taylor family. 

Eventually  the county, with the help of Heritage Village, will renovate the Taylor homestead into a living history museum, but the northeast area of the park is fenced off from the public for now. The Taylor homestead, which included the house, part of the citrus groves and the barns, were actually all part of a separate project from the park itself.

Surrounding the homestead in the southwest corner is hundreds of 40 foot longleaf pines, planted 11 years ago when the park was developed.  Duckweed, a tiny plant shrouds parts of the lake so thick that ducks appear to walk on water.

Turtles with duckweed on them are located on a pond off  the boardwalk
Numerous turkey vultures are usually hovering overhead
Live Oak
The little blue heron is always hunting for food
A Mourning Dove overseeing the park
Sago Palm Trees
Longleaf Pine

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