Florida Botanical Gardens

Florida Botanical Gardens                                                                         Map
12520 Ulmerton Road
Largo, FL727 582-2100

The Florida Botanical Garden's entrance  is located at the intersection of Ulmerton Road and 125th St N, beside the Pinellas County Animal Services building and the Pinellas County Emergency Medical Services. The Heritage Museum can also be accessed from their parking lot. 

In addition, there is a rear entrance across from Walsingham Park to the Florida Botanical Museum's paved walkways and  the more rustic hiking trails.

The Botanical Garden's Gift Shop shares the same building as the University of Florida Pinellas County Extension Office. What a perfect location to answer your gardening questions!

The Largo Patch readers' chose the Florida Botanical Gardens as the Best Place to Take a Walk in Largo 2012 with 46% of the votes. The Florida Botanical Gardens consists of 120 acres, but only 30 are cultivated. The rest of the property is preserved as a natural habitat of rarely seen plant and animal species like bobwhite quail and the bald eagle. The Sandhill Loop Trail (.3 miles) and the Flatwoods Loop trail (.4 miles) provides visitor access to this region.

 A Children's Trail contains a Butterfly Station complete with butterflies and attracting plants, a Tropical Fruit Station which showcases a Key Lime, pineapple, mango, papaya, banana and plantain trees, a Trees Station, and a Wildlife Station. They will also enjoy the carnivorous plants. 

There is also an Herb Garden,  a Palm Area, a Native Plants Garden, a Rose Garden, a Florida Friendly Garden, A Patio Garden, a Succulent Garden, a Bromeliad Garden, A Palm Garden and Pavilion, a Wedding Garden (Rose, Jazz, Cottage & Topiary Gardens), a Tropical Courtyard and Pavilion, McKay Creek Plaza and Pavilion, and a Seasonal Garden and Display. 

There is an abundance of wildlife in the wetlands, along the Tropical Walk, and around the Aquatic Habitat and Demonstration Area.

Blue Plumbago or Leadwort
American Beautyberry
                                                        Dotted Horsemint ( green & White)

                                    Balloon Milkweed                                

Crinium LIly
 Bee in White Powderpuff tree in the Wedding Garden
Hummingbird Vine
Shooting Star 
Crucifax Orchid
Bush Allamanda
Chinese Rain Bell
Flamingo Plant
Blue Pea Vine
Buddha Belly Plant 
Flaming Glory Bower
Bird of Paradise
Rosa Prosperity
Red Honeysuckle
White Iceberg Rose
Xanadu Philodendron
Double Hibiscus
Pindo or Jelly Palm
Paurotis or Everglades Palm
Triangle Palm
Blue Latan Palm 

Traveler's Tree or Palm
Firespike Lavender
Nagami Kumquat
  The Fruit Salad Tree has different 
citrus fruits grafted onto one tree

Kefir Lime Tree

The first Alligator I saw in Pinellas County 
this year
Mallards and a Moorhen among the Lily pads

The Alligator was on the opposite shore
 of McKay Creek on the Tropical Walk.
The Mallards like the aquatic plant life
A Bale of Turtles in the Aquatic Habitat
An Anhinga on the shore of McKay Creek

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