Heritage Village

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11909 125th St N
Largo Florida 
727 582-2123

Heritage Village began in 1977 and now contains 21 acres. It is free, & contains 30 historical structures. It is located adjacent to the Florida Botanical Gardens and shares the Pinellas County Extension Parking Lot to the North. There is also an west entrance and parking lot at 11909 125th St N. The east entrance is across from Walsingham park off of Walsingham Avenue. It shares the east entrance with the Florida Botanical Gardens also. 

Heritage Village hosts the Pinellas Folk Festival with all types of folk music, including gospel, country and bluegrass, ethnic dancing, craft demonstrations, fiber arts displays, games, and storytelling. 

Eighteen of the historical buildings, originally located in different sections of Pinellas County, were constructed between 1852-1939, then moved to the Heritage Village location. The buildings are not laid out block-style with street names, so be sure to get a map at the Visitor's Center.

1. Maderia Beach Cottage* was built in 1939, moved in 1997
2. Boyer Cottage was built in 1878, moved in 1978. One room fisherman's cottage.
3. Daniel McMullen House was built in 1868, moved in 1992. Oldest continuously lived in home in Pinellas County. Heritage Village uses the building as needlecrafter's workroom, to display crafts and implement's. One room is devoted to quilting, another to embroidery, a third to weaving, and the last to rug hooking. The Pinellas Weaver's Guild, the Largo Crackers Quilters and the Heritage Village Stitchers demonstrate the fiber crafts and conduct tours of the building.
4. Greenwood House was built in 1888, moved in 1982. Small family home originally located in Clearwater. It is currently being renovated ans is not available for tours.
5. H. C. Smith Store* was built in 1915, moved in 1988. It includes a store, barber shop, post office, a telegraph office and a garage with an antique car and truck.
6. Harris School* was built in 1912, moved in 1987 Replica of a one room schoolhouse.
7. House of Seven Gables* was built in 1907, moved in 1976 Victorian with 13 room similar to one of an upper middle-class winter home.It is filled with genuine antiques so can only be seen on the tours that are given on the hour and half hour. 
8. Lowe Barn was built in 1911-12, moved in 1977. Displays agricultural implements
9. Lowe House  Two story home built in 1988 by early Pinellas pioneers, moved in 1991
10. McMullen-Coachman Log Cabin was built in 1852, moved in 1977. Oldest existing building in Pinellas County.
11. Moore House was built in 1879, moved in 1981. Like many Orange Grove homes
12. Plant-Sumner House was built in 1896. Middle-class home. 
13. Safety Harbor Church* a small rural church built in 1905, moved in 1977
14. Safford Pavilion* a cemetery shelter that was built in 1892, moved in 1982
15. Sponge Warehouse was built in 1930, moved in 2004
16. Sulphur Springs Depot was built in 1907, moved in 1976. It contains a ticket booth, a baggage area, passenger waiting area, and a telegraph office.
17. Union Academy was built in 1915-17, moved in 2000. School for African Americans.
18. Walsingham House was built in 1915, moved in 1984 like many doctor's homes. It is filled with antique doctor furniture and equipment, so can only be seen on tours given on the  half hour.
19. Williams Park Bandstand was built in 1894, in 1981 a replica was built on the Heritage property.
20. Library and Archives in the Visitor's Center holds 9000 photographs, 3500 books, postcards, maps, antiques, and collectables. There is also 2 exhibit areas, the Roy Helms and Ralph Reed
Galleries. The Roy Helms hall has citrus, sponge boating and printing press machinery and artifacts. The Ralph Reed hall has a receptionist, and a housework area with antique laundry, ironing, kitchen, floor-cleaning appliances and machinery. There are at least 3 huge wringer washers, 2 radios, 5 irons, different sizes of wash boards and wash tubs and old sweepers.

21.(Under Construction) McKay Creek Boat Shed.  
22 Turner Bungalow, a typical Florida "cracker" or plain summer cottage, was built in 1915, Moved from Clearwater on January 23, 2014, it sits covered with a tarp north of  Walsingham house..There are bricks beside  it,  for the construction of a chimney.  

There is also 8 other historical structures:
1. Boiling Shed* used to process sugar cane syrup.
2. Caboose* was once part of the Seaboard-Coastline Railroad, was built in 1967, moved in 1983
3. Fire Engine* (1917) La France Fire Engine housed in a shed.
4. Two Outhouses* depression 1930's.beside the Moore House
5. Smokehouse* used to cure meat.
6. Sugar Cane Mill* used to grind sugar cane.
7. Water Tower* (1914) used to water citrus groves.
8. Windmill* (early 1970's) used to pump water in rural farms.

* denotes that the structure is wheelchair accessible.

There is also a Circle of Senses* which is a a garden for the blind, a Heritage Garden, and a demonstration shed which houses forges for blacksmith demonstrations, The Shirley McPherson Nature Trail winds around many of the buildings and exits Heritage Village near the east or Walsingham parking lot  and to the north at the Florida Botanical Gardens, Ulmerton Rd parking lot.

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