Sawgrass Lake Park

Sawgrass Lake Park,                                                                                  Map
7400 25th St N, 
St. Petersburg, FL 3370
Bat house for environmental education

Sawgrass Lake Park, its entrance located at the intersection of 62nd Ave N and 25th St N, includes 400 acres of one of the largest maple swamps on the Gulf Coast of Florida.The park is at the end of dead end road between I-275 and a shooting range. The loud gunfire does not seem to disturb the birds however. Besides Sawgrass Lake, the park encompasses various canals and 2 smaller ponds. 

There is an environmental education center by the entrance.

Bridge at the entrance of the trails

Beside the center is a bridge which begins the hiking trails that are 1.9 miles long, if you take all three trails.  At the first left fork in the path, the Sawgrass Trail follows the elevated boardwalk though safe viewing areas from which to see the alligators. 

Soft Shell Turtle navigating the murky depths

Mother Alligator and baby
A mess of Alligators
The Sawgrass Trail culminates with an observation deck overlooking Sawgrass Lake.  From there you can see turtles, birds on the tiny islands, and grasses and weeds growing in the lake.
Heron on one of the eyots on Sawgrass Lake
Tri-colored Heron on Sawgrass Lake

Aquatic life in Sawgrass Lake Park
The right spur of the trail is called the Maple Trail, which culminated in the Oak Hammock Trail or loop which  winds through laurel oaks, palms and ferns.

Ferns on one of the trails at Sawgrass Lake Park
Tree Roots and reflections in the water give an other worldly look to the forest

Although not officially a trail, there is a nice walkway from the parking lot north along a canal  which attracts a variety of birds on both shores. All of my bird pictures were taken there. Part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, Sawgrass Lake is also included in the National Audubon Society list as one of the finest birding sites in Florida.
Parking Lot with Live Oaks at Sawgrass Lake Park
Azaleas by the nature center
Limpkin by canal adjoining the parking lot
"Roger Tory Peterson" Tree with an Egret, Little Blue Heron, Ibis, & an Anhinga
Pair of Ibises
My favorite animal at Sawgrass Lake is the posing squirrel. He hopped on the boardwalk beside us, faced right, left, and center, trying to give me his best profile. A creative new way to get food?
Posing squirrel

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