John S.Taylor Park

Anhinga scouting from the brush along
Taylor Lake 
John S.Taylor Park       Map                                      
1100 8th Avenue SW,
 Largo. FL

Taylor is one of the largest parks with 156 acres to roam. The entrance is located on 8th Avenue across from the Pinecrest golf course,  There are picnic tables, a boat ramp, a disc golf course and a 53-acre lake. There is a one mile fitness trail that is two miles if you double back after you reach 8th Ave again.  On the southern edge of Taylor Lake is another smaller lake where alligators, small ducks and wading birds reside.

Huge Sprawling Trees by Taylor Park entrance
Longleaf Pine tree
Florida Sunset
Two old Coots
Little Blue Heron hunting for food along the shore of Taylor Lake
This Ibis "just wants to have fun"
Cormorant on a no swimming sign
Great Blue Heron along Taylor Lake
Great Egret in breeding plumage
A flock of Ibis powerwalking
Great Egret lording over a Snowy Egret
in the small pond to the south of Taylor Lake
Young Limpkin by the shore
A Gopher Tortoise crossing the trail 

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