Walsingham Park

Walsingham Park                                                                                            Map
12615 102nd Ave. N.
Largo FL 33778

Walsingham Park has two entrances, to the north is Walsingham Ave between 119th St N and 125th St, and across from the Botanical Gardens and to the south is on 102nd St. 

There is a 6 mile trail great for bicyclers coming off the Pinellas Trail. The trail starts at the entrance at 102nd Street, winds north then west around the reservoir to Walsingham Ave for 2 miles then goes around the lake and south to the dog park almost 2.5 miles total. From there it loops around the southernmost portion of the park, for  approximately half a mile. From there it backtracks northward to Walsingham Ave, then east around the lake and south ending at 102nd St. With so many intersecting trails, park roads, and pathways to the picnic shelters, it is confusing at first. 

Myself, I prefer to walk around Walsingham Lake to spot as many birds as I can. Bicycling is not conducive to photography. I often hike the roads to the picnic shelters when the trail does not follow the lake. 

Why is this park so extraordinary? First there is the light to deep blue skies and gray to cobalt blue water with a myriad of reflections.  

Bridge over Walsingham Lake near the dog park
Then there is the birds, including the great egrets, roseate spoonbills, mallards, moorhens and coots, limpkins, ibis, blue herons, etc.

Brown Pelican at Walsingham Lake
Coot at Walsingham Lake
Walsingham Lake Seagull
Green Heron at Walsingham Park
Several Ibis along Walsingham Lake
Anhinga by Walsingham Lake
Roseate Spoonbill hunting for food at Walsingham Lake Park
Moorhen at Walsingham Lake Park
Limpkin at Walsingham Lake Park
Mallard at Walsingham Lake Park
I have spotted a few reptiles, though only when walking by the southern part of the lake and off the path, although some bicyclers have reported seeing snakes too.
Alligator near the dog park at Walsingham Lake

The trees are varied and magnificent against the skies; there are longleaf pines, palms

Saw Palmetto at Walsingham Lake Park
It is landscaped with bushes, there are butterflies, lilies in the water, and wildflowers.

Lily pads in the cobalt blue water of Walsingham Lake Reservoir

Spring Azalea

Black Swallowtail butterfly

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